Downton Creek (2006.08.05)

Three days at Downton Creek.

After a four hour drive and far shorter hike, camp was setup at a small lake at ~2350m, below Peak 8700. We climbed Peak 8700 before returning to camp for dinner. While atop Peak 8700 we decided to attempt Mount Seton (~2850m) the next morning.

The second day we left camp at 6:30am toward Mount Seton. Long enjoyable breaks were taken atop S3 (~2650m) and the highest point (~2620m) along the ridge between S3 and S2. Three of us turned back between S3 and S2 as the others continued the attempt on Mount Seton. Back atop S3 we watched the other three make the summit while eating a late lunch shortly before 4:00pm. We made it back to camp at 7:30pm for a 13 hour day and waited for the others who returned by headlamp shortly after 10pm.

We took our time the third and final morning, eating breakfast, packing up and leaving shortly before noon. Four of us scrambled up Linus Peak for more excellent views before returning to the van at 6:00pm.